Thursday, January 18, 2018

My Coaches Corner

Coaching Opportunities  

 "Helping Others, by Helping Them, Help Others!"

 "Stewards of Hope" for a Better World!

Register at Optimize My Life today to receive the endless benefits of Hope!  Wherever you are in life today, with this support , tomorrow can truly be a new day!  Coaching can be a very rewarding field, personally, relationally and financially.  

Site Pals:  Site Pals are virtual characters that deliver a message on a site to help the viewer understand the mission of the site, get directions around the site or quickly explain a point or concept for the viewer.

Virtaul Assistant (VA):  A VA is a live person who follows up on the welcome or message from the Site Pal.  They personally communicate with the Members to assess their interests, explain the resources available to them and connect the dots. They do the sourcing needed for the Members, in a timely manner, to help "Optimize" their lives!

Coach:   A coach is a trained person who actually works with a Member to help them grow themselves and develop the momentum of self-develop in their lives to "Optimize" its impact.

Honcho:  A Honcho is a Coach who is Certified in specialties in areas such as weight loss, health and wellness, a tutor in a subject area(s), mechanics, arts, family & personal matters, job advancement, Biz startup, IT, caregiving etc.  They will be recommended by a coach for each Member's focus.

Head Honchos: 
A Head Honcho is a highly trained and licensed specialist in fields like accounting, law, building, medicine, IT, marketing, finance etc. available for the special needs and wants of the Membership!

Ultimate purpose: 
Whatever quality of life one is searching for, it can be attained by just helping enough others! The Biblical reference often quoted is to "caste your bread upon the waters, and in due time it shall return!" 
 Many of us doubt that we are or can be leaders!  The truth is that regardless of where we are are in life today, it's the perfect position and time in life to make a positive difference!   We are never alone.  We can collaborate with others to lift up another, help build their skill set, beliefs and vision.  Together we all can help empower others to pay the same forward to another! 

Duplex Model:  Many have been instructed by friends or family as they were getting started in life, to make their first home a Duplex!  Live in one side, rent the other, it'll help another and reduce your remaining overhead!  Not only is it great advice for housing but it holds true for careers!  Our Coaching process empowers a person to see that, "today is first day of the rest of our lives!" A model plan to optimize their life is to:

Keep or get a job, learn all you can about how that organization succeeds as one side of the Duplex and then start a business from home as the other side of the Duplex and get coaching that helps you meet the needs of others with your business.  

2.   Our Coaches will help you understand taxes, equity, cash flow, servant leadership, human resources, charity and build legacy for your family. 

3.  You'll be helping far more than just your neighbor and turning your overhead into returns!  You role modeling for your family and friends will give them "Hope" and helping them duplicate your example!

4.  Finally, the day will come as you grow, that you'll be able let go of the job, compound your holdings with other Biz Opportunities, out reaches and missions!  Your personal Faith will have grown from Doubt, to Hope, to Belief!

5.  By Coaching others to "Fish," you will have lived a "Fruitful Life!" and there will be Fruit on your Tree!

If this message reaches you in your gut, click here to register and then join those others that are making a positive difference everyday for others!  You'll find the resources, many of them for free and all the support you'll ever need, to make it happen! Join the many who are on the Hope Campaign!




















































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