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"Give a Person a Fish, You Feed Them for Day; Teach a Person to Fish, You Feed Them for Life!" 

The Hope Collection's  Resource & Research Center  Incubator is about teaching people to fish.  Hope Members, both individuals & entities have access to savings as consumers from the numerous suppliers who come to THC to support its mission.  In addition, these and other suppliers have come forward to help Members start their own business as well.  The RRC endorses a Servant Leader Referral Messaging model to help its Members build sustainable businesses  as a Virtual Assistant supported by the Duplex Micro-Financing System.  We appreciate the visionary involvement of numerous participants companies & organizations!

Read though this Questionaire, pick out the areas of greatest interest and connect with who referred you or contact us directly at for next steps!  Check here for job openings, it'll help you build cashflow that cab used in your Duplex model.

On the one hand it is a "Consumer's Paradise" accessible on their phone, pad or laptop!  Quality Products and Services on a "Just In Time" delivery system that saves time, money and hassle!  On the other hand there's a portfolio of business opportunities that converts Member's costs into cash, equity, legacy and donations. It can secure today AND tomorrow! 

History has proven that in a viable society there must be a healthy balance between its sectors, Government & Charity are the benefactors of a vibrant Marketplace.  Government protects and enables the marketplace.  Charity lifts the challenged. 

Let our Coaches help you prosper and work with your fellow citizens to build a Substantial and Sustainable Society!

There are special programs to honor our Veterans, 1st Responders, their extended families & caregivers!!!


  Hope Members get Free GIFTS of a Personal Portal, UNLIMITED Coupons, Cash-Backs, e-Books, a Links Library, Barter, Health Card & Unlimited Access to Benefits & Services! 

-   The Fund, Feed & Fix campaign recognizes Members who help 20 others in a demonstartable way by Funding Homes, Feeding people or Fixing Special Needs in their names in Hope's "Fruitful Lives" Hall of Fame!

-  Recognition - Each Member's story will be told on Hope Channel at You Tube FaceBook



 Ownership is an essential part of life! Renting a home, working at a job etc are supportive and instructional but transitional.  Set up a game plan with your coach/accountant/lawyer, get incorporated, quickbooks, insurance, an investment/retirement strategy, a marketing program and a personal coaching regime!  Those listed below can help you!  Call'em!  iF YOU OWN SUCH A SUPPORT BUSINESS, JOIN TODAY AND HELP OTHERS, HELP OTHERS!  

Accounting, Quickbooks Training and Transworld Business Advisors: Biz Sales, Frandchises, Mergers & Acquisition at Thaney Associates, CPA's ;  Automate your tax prepartion for Accountant

Barter Barter Quest

Mergers & Acquisitions - Biz Union

Coaching & Consultants - Epoch Resource Group

Grant Writing Services

Residential Investment and Commercial Real Estate - Mission Commercial Realty

Legal - Irwin Law - 64 S Pitt St Carlisle, PA 717 243 6090;  Brad Koozman, Esq (NY) - 516 790 4500

Financial Planning & Insurance - Stewart Agency

MarketingConstant Contact  - Social Media & Newsletters

Prefessional Certifications Overnight for Pennies - Get Qualified in Areas of Interest for Jobs & Small Businesses 

Sourcing - Linked In 

Sunrooms - Four Seasons Sunrooms

Website Development - Ark Solution Group


The Incubator's umbrella delivery system is branded as an e-Pantry's System With it you can Build Positive Cash Flow, Equity, Security, Legacy and be able to Donate to the Charities of your Choice!  An e-Pantry Converts Your Costs to Cash in our Hope's Homes! An e-Pantry delivers the Mortgage, Insurance, Furniture, Energy, IT, Maintenance, Caregiving, Toothpaste, Groceries, Clothes, Hardware, Health & Wellness, Education, Travel, Clean Water & Air, Family & Personal Coaching and more!  We even have a Super Hero, "Pantryman," that delivers, "Just In Time!" 


 Recommended Reading & Listening:  Join the Book of the Month Club at the Shopping Cart, it'll change your life! Also you can tune into Online Insprirational Radio  24/7!!  The only limits we have are self-imposed! 


 CEO Clubs of America   Small Business Mentoring Program

Visit the Virtual Incubator and check out AVAILABLE CONSUMER & BUSINESS OPPORTUNITES

Check out the Suppliers of Products & Services available for a Member to use to build a Business Portfolio of Revenue Streams with Phone, Laptop or Pad, anytime or place!  At each site you will find accessible explanations of their compensation schedules and training services 24/7

Donations - You Decide, We'll Deliver! 

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