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Working with you, to build better tomorrows, today! 

This Year 100,000’s New Businesses Will Start, Ownership Breed Hope!

10 Points to Grow With - 

  1. Learn everything you can from a Job or Jobs
  2. Your Wages can be a Form of Micro-Financing
  3. Be a Smart Shopper, Buy from Your own e-Pantry
  4. Let Suppliers put you in the Middle of the Supply-Chain
  5. Incorporate to build Equity to Leverage & Legacy
  6. Listen to, Read, Speak & Pray Victory 24/7                                           
  7. Have and Use an online Goal Setting system daily
  8. Be a Servant Leader – Pay it Forward to Others
  9. Have an Accountability Coach, Partner and Team
  10. Find Causes of Value to Support

Spring Leadership - 2005 - Slovakia
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 Compassionate Capitalism -

There are approximately 30 million small business owners in America to say nothing of the number worldwide. Their success or failure touches every school, medical facility, House of Worship, protection agency, children and the elderly alike and every piece of legislation ever enacted.

These owners are the Servant Leaders of today! They support civic functions that feed people, do cultural exchanges, buy season tickets for arts, sports and sponsor everything from thrift stores to car washes. Much of the cutting edge innovation that moves a society forward is invented, discovered or developed here.

The “Trickle Down” from these entities is the movement that builds a “Cycle of Appreciation” in society. They employ and train the core of our society. Every ethnic group, denomination and nationality uses the free market system to build a better quality of life. New professions, like Virtual Assistants, appear daily to meet demands. We are all served by such providers. Families can work together from home. Start and grow your own today to support others! Pray for others who do the same! You all make a difference – we’re all in this game of life together!

Set aside some time regularly, get away and start a Journal of your life’s thoughts and events. At some future date you can make it an e-Book and leave it to your loved ones. For them it’ll be a “best seller”!

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Ole Coach

Jun-9 2:39pm

If you have opened a door, prepared a meal, given a ride, prayed for someone you have an experience base for infinte success! It's all wrapped up in helping others, help others! You already know how to set the pace! Enjoy the Journey!

E Coach

Jul-24 7:24am

How many people's lives are growing because you are reaching out to help them help some others?


Jul-24 5:48pm

What is your self-talk for the day? Are you empowered, equipped, programmed for Victory? Is God the Programmer? Remember that Obstacles are just stepping stones!


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